Our Caterpillar lamp is an example of how the multiplication of a basic spherical shape can give life to an object with a clean and minimalistic aesthetics.
The soft touch of colors gives each piece a unique character.

Concrete is a fascinating material. Every single element of its preparation, mixing and casting affects the final texture. It assures that each and every piece slightly differs from the other, which makes it unique. The surface is inlaid with air bubbles and small imperfections, giving it the look and character that makes it so special. We use a specially designed concrete mix containing additives that enhance the performance and appearance of the concrete.

Nevertheless, the concrete might chip when in contact with hard surfaces. Please use caution when handling the piece.

Height: 16cm length: 23cm width: 10cm
Cable: 2m white plastic with a switch and a type F plug (except Israel)
G9 3W LED bulb included (except US and Canada)


Colour tones may be slightly different from what they appear in the pictures.

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CATERPILLAR concrete table lamp

Concrete color